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Helen McCloughry worked in health and social care for 35 years as a clinician, practitioner, manager, head of service, policy advisor, and assistant director. In these roles she conducted evidence-based research, lectured, and was at the forefront of innovative service development that was nationally recognised. She published and presented her work in national journals and forums.

Helen now uses her experience and skills to advise leaders and managers in all sectors as they tackle complex and complicated problems. Her versatility, innovative thinking, and commitment to integrated and forward-looking solutions are an asset to her clients.

Awards & Achievements
Highly Commended Award for :
Best use of IT in primary and community care, ” Software Solution for Intermediate Care and Community Rehabilitation Services DutyPoint”
Health Care IT Effectiveness Awards.
Publications & Events
Disabled and Older People in the Community- Issues of Dependency
Date:Jan 1998
Disabled and Older People in the Community- Issues of Dependency . Published in Community Occupational Therapy Services: Linking the Thinking……integrating practices (London:DH, 1998)

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Age and Ageing

Jan 2004
A randomised controlled trial of care home rehabilitation to reduce one-term institutionalisation for elderly people

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Integration by Design, a software solution to capacity management in Intermediate Care
Jan 2004
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A Short Step from Home
Jan 2003
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Avoiding Hospital Admission using Intermediate Care
Jan 2005
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Intermediate Care for Older People
Jan 2007
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Conference Presentations

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