Services for Organisations

MC Squared Consulting can offer you:

Organisational review
A collaborative approach to review your community services and make them more efficient and effective

Facilitating hospital discharge and saving hospital bed days, while improving user’s experience.
Innovative solutions to this familiar issue. Developing and improving Intermediate Care Services and Rehabilitation pathways to make them more efficient

Strategy development and facilitated implementation
Helping you to convert strategy and policy into real service delivery

Building sustainability through Integration and Change Managment
Supporting your organisation through change by facilitating you to build an inter-professional model of service delivery. We will help you overcome issues of professionlisation, team performance and productivity.

Utilising the workforce to maximize efficiency
Reducing sick days through improved inter-professional structures and processes

Developing inter-professional working for the benefit of the users.

Ethical Consultancy
Guiding leaders and their teams through difficult decisions